Movie dating the enemy

Though they have been together over a year, Tash and Brett have reached a point where they believe that neither understands the other.

Tash is a serious, highly intelligent science journalist while hunky Brett hosts a music video show on an MTV-like network.

Neither is particularly admirable, though the movie could spark discussion about the different sides of our own personalities.

A scene takes place at a strange, mysterious club in which women perform on stage.

" but rather a realization of an opportunity to let fans and critics alike possibly see themselves and their lives reflected back through her and her own relationships.

Forced to live in one another's lives - through work, friends, sex - they get to know each other as they never have before.

A pair of disparate battling lovers get a chance to live in each other's shoes in this lively Australian sex comedy.

I – i…” I groaned into my pillow, my voice muffled from the frustration.

Selena was soothing me by rubbing my shoulders just as my door slammed open and there stood the one and only Chloe – her hair messily pulled back into a ponytail, “Okay crew we’ve got a lot of work – Macy, I'm giving you ten seconds to get your fat ass out of bed!

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