Who is simon cowell dating 2016 did rachel hurd wood dating jeremy sumpter

Also, her fanbase is strong, and she is loved by many.

But how many of you know her "relationship" with a well-known music personality? Janina is smart, she is beautiful, and she also resides in the hearts of many.

He is currently appearing on the fourteenth series of the UK's The X Factor, and recently appeared on the twelfth season of America's Got Talent and the eleventh series of Britain's Got Talent.

In 20, Time named Cowell one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

the next time that you see them that you wouldn't have even thought of.” Simon agreed, saying, “I think in this day and age it's almost impossible to predict that kind of stuff because so many factors have to happen after the show.” He noted past success stories, explaining, “If you look at One Direction or Susan Boyle, I mean, I don't think any of us when we first worked with both acts could have possibly have predicted what was going to happen next.” Cowell said ultimately it is up to the person in terms of how hard they will fight for success. I mean, I thought, ‘Yes, that was funny.' And then he gets like 30, 40 million hits on You Tube or something.

“It's got to be in them that they are going to push and fight for a successful career afterwards. You just can't predict (things) anymore.” Mel B concurred, saying, “He went viral big-time.” Simon and Mel B join fellow judges Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel for the live shows tonight at 8 p.m.

Caption: Janina and Simon have seen leaving LA's trendy Cecconi restaurant, 2012.

But that might just be it for the two as Simon and Janina were not reported to have taken things forth with their connection.

Cowell has produced and promoted singles and albums for various singers that he has taken under his wing.The former Victoria's Secret model kept the location a secret from her followers but shared several snaps which were accompanied by captions such as "Special" and "HAPPY".Although the German star is active on social media, she has recently revealed that she will not be sharing certain pictures with her followers – those which show her children.All I know is I'm in that moment and I'm thoroughly entertained.” She added, “Sometimes I think to myself it's better left unsaid and it's better not to even ask.So it is more of a surprise the second time round because sometimes even though they seem like a one-hit wonder, they can pull some stuff out of the bag…

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