Dating customs in finland

The fashion spread rapidly in the 1980s, having earlier been a ritual known only to small circles in urban areas.

The spreading popularity of these prenuptial amusements was not an inexplicable phenomenon.

Annually, some 24,000 marriages are solemnized in Finland, some modest, some opulent.

Four physiographic-biotic regions divide the country. An archipelagic belt embraces the southwestern coastal waters and the Åland Islands.Finland followed an international trend which was thought to have been sparked off by the fairy-tale wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981.Although people now spend more money and go to more trouble to arrange weddings than they did a couple of decades ago, all weddings are by no means equally lavish.In their own language, Finns generally refer to themselves as Suomalaiset and their land or country as Suomi , which may derive from suo , the Finnish expression for a bog or swamp.Finns constitute the majority of the citizens of the Republic of Finland, which has a Swedish-speaking minority as well as Saami (Lapp) and Rom (Gypsy) minorities.

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