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As they pursue an education or enter the workforce in these hard economic times, young Americans are rightly wondering whether they’ll have the same opportunities to succeed as their parents’ generation.That’s why Democrats are working to help young Americans afford college educations, find well-paying jobs, and make the most of their talents. Barbara Mikulski announced her retirement recently, you could almost hear a paraphrase of the opening lines of Shakespeare's "Richard III" rumbling through the heads of ranking Maryland Democrats, particularly those in the state's... Way back in January, I mouthed off that we wouldn't be seeing much of our six-headed congressional delegation in 2015. Remembering Ed Wilson I was one of the lucky parents who had the good fortune to have some of my kids come under the influence of Ed Wilson (The Capital, Jan. The man was a good kind of crazy —basketball junkie, four practices a week, knew the... The Capital leads with a banner headline that the City of Annapolis "won't buy former Fawcett lot" (Jan. It appears that Aldermen Ross Arnett and Joe Budge have given up and withdrawn their legislation to purchase the property, citing... But she identifies herself as American and her ancestors as contributors to America's history —... Tell someone you've never seen a long-haired flibbertigibbet and three will hop right past you Tuesday. 4 general election in trying to unseat entrenched Democrats representing the four congressional districts that divide Anne Arundel County. As October days dwindle to a precious few, the Nov. Gaither grew up black in America, where she said other people have always identified who she is and the terminology changed every decade. Mary's, blasted the use of torture in a statement released Tuesday after the U. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released a report detailing years of torture by the CIA. Republicans, Libertarians and unaffiliated candidates face a challenge in the Nov. Brown, the Democratic nominee, and Larry Hogan, his Republican opponent, shapes up as an improbable nail-biter. The standing-room-only crowd — rubbing shoulders and knees in the stands — talks excitedly in the Dr. that it benefits his party by giving it two seats...In 1981, he was elected to Congress after winning a special election.

First elected in 1981, Representative Hoyer has served the state of Maryland for 36 years. Net worth figures are calculated by the Center for Responsive Politics and are based off of financial disclosures filed in 2014 by members of Congress.

Every dollar we borrow today means more debt, and less opportunity, for the generations to come, which is why Democrats are fighting to put our country back on a path to a balanced budget.

We restored the pay-as-you-go law, which requires Congress to find a dollar of savings for every dollar it spends, and which and helped create surpluses under President Clinton.

Inside Gov is a government research site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools. Hispanics or Latinos can be of any race, ancestry, or ethnicity.

Steny Hoyer is regarded as a champion for Federal employees, primarily due to the high number of contituents in his district employed by the Federal government.

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