Updating figures in word thailand women dating

Since ‘Figures’ can mean anything in a document you can make reference “Tables of ” beyond anything intended by Word’s developers.

To create a table of figures, you must first add captions beneath the figures in your document.

For example, if I have an image and underneath it is a caption that says "Figure 3: blah, blah, blah", can I highlight this and do something to it so that Word knows this is figure 3?

The advantage to this would be that if I had to insert another figure somewhere mid-document (say between figures 3 and 4), Word would automatically update all figures after it (so figure 4 would become figure 5, figure 5 would become figure 6, and so on to the end of the document).

Modify the Heading 6 to 9 styles so that they meet your needs.

When you add new pictures or remove the existing one , you will end up the figure numbers been out of order.

Normally if you highlight the figure number and right click and select update field will update the figure to the correct sequence.

Right-click with your mouse and then click on the 'Update Field' option, which will only update the figures in your document.

Press the 'CTRL' and 'a' keys simultaneously to highlight all of the text in your document.4.

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